Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pirate practice

Been writing the last two days right to left with the right eye closed left handed. It feels like being lost slightly. My writing slows down and is not as flowing. It is harder to see the letters than I would have thought.  If I scan the wall in front of me with the right eye closed I seemed to have a habit of movement that is not as complete as the right eye. Both eyes are moving even though one is shut. It feels like I do not allow the end range to the right as easy to the left. It has a slight feel like I am not processing the visual input or I am afraid that I will be wrong so I jump over what I am seeing.

I thing it greatly affects my habitual moving of my head, neck, eyes, and tongue.There is a subtle sense of muscular strain or over effort as I move the left eye that appears to be magnified in my movement picture farther afield from the eye itself. (In my spine)

I can always play a pirate on Halloween if nothing else.

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