Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Twisted tongue

I think I have been twisted my whole life. My right side has grabbed more 'space' from a movement perspective than the left side.  No where was this more evident than in the tongue. It did not exist as a separate entity until relatively recently. I always had the image of one tongue with a right and left side instead of a left tongue and right tongue co joined. I still have very poor control over the left tongue but it now exists as something separate from the right tongue. Neurologically speaking (from a very admittedly poor reference frame) that makes more sense. There are two separate areas of control. Two separate innervation's of the muscles. What it says to me I had the illusion of one tongue due to the right side's (left brain) dominance.

The only reason I can conclude that this exists (besides me being totally a whack job) is that it comes from my learning to communicate. I do not know what others are doing, but I feel this dominance of the right tongue extends throughout the way I move. It feels like I am untwisting myself the more I play with it.

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