Friday, January 4, 2013


My tongue does not deviate from the middle when I open my mouth.  I can easily access the back left of my teeth without switching to what I call the  'left tongue mode' which argues very strongly and logically against the idea of a 'left tongue'.  Deviation of the tongue can happen with stroke and brain injury. I also swallow, chew, talk , and breathe without biting my tongue constantly. Nor does it feel like after getting numbed by needle for a cavity filling . That sense of the tongue being a huge mess of something. Logically on the surface I cannot be 'right'

However when I switch to 'left tongue' mode I can barely move the tongue. There are two separate images of motor control of the tongue in the brain for each side of the tongue. Are there two separate contextual uses of the tongue in the brain? Or does the dominance of the right tongue take over the left tongues use in language but not in eating and positioning?
I don't know.Maybe it's me who is the deviate.

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