Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long drive

Went for a long drive yesterday. Gave me a lot of time to play with things. I have had some back and neck pain over the years and it has always felt like the posterior musculature was the problem. Since discovering the left tongue I am beginning to think not. I am not symmetric in my anterior throat and tongue musculature. I imagine it is due to speech and communication, My right anterior and throat feels like it wants more space and length as compared to the left. My posterior musculature seems to be a reflection of the needs of the anterior neck and throat.  The large supports the small in a way.  There feels to be the same preference in the eyes. I am not clear whether the eyes dictate to the tongue or vice a versa. Playing with them they seem to have a great influence on each other.

Being in the left tongue mode seems easier and easier. Any movements where the tongue crosses midline or gets sensory input from touching the teeth it feels like I switch back to right tongue mode. However I feel I am able to talk using the left tongue. Not as clear in pronunciation but in a way it is no different than using the left hand.

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