Sunday, March 17, 2013

Postulate 1

I wrote an arbitrary list in Postulates which is self contradictory. If they were postulates they could not be arbitrary. More of a blogging device to put some of my ideas on the screen.

1) I have a left and right tongue co-joined but with separate motor control from both hemispheres.
I think this is the most important and the most factual. However if does not explain why I never had a sense of the left tongue. I had a sense of the left side of the tongue. I could taste, move and feel the left side of the tongue but I believe my sense of it was through the right side movement control. I have a different sense of the 'left tongue' now and most of the "postulates" are actually hypothesis-es to explain it to myself.

If my left hand was fused to my right wrist and if I used my right hand for all my tasks would I have a sense of the left hand as independent? It's job would be to go where ever the right hand 'decided' it needed to be.  I think in a sense my right tongue/left brain is dominant and my left tongue/ right brain learns to be subservient. So it's role is not to get in my way. As someone who has bit his tongue it is a painful teaching device. It is not that I/we? cannot do it but that it is not the most efficient way to run my mouth.

I never had the feeling of the possibility of the 'left tongue' before several years ago and it explains to me why it may be important. I was doing a movement exercise where I was trying to differentiate the head and the jaw. I would turn my head and jaw in the same direction and then I would try gently for my head and jaw go in opposite directions. The head going to the right and jaw to the left felt natural whereas the head to the left and jaw to the right was difficult and felt wrong. At some point in playing with it I felt the major discrepancy of how I used left and right side of my jaw and further play led to my discovery of my left tongue.

If it was just my left tongue it may be interesting but unimportant. However it is how I organize my self in my body in many tasks on the left and right side.  I tend to overuse the left side to support my right side to be free. I am asymmetric in the use of myself. I have had minor back pain for years centered on the left lumbar region. It feels 'improved' now and a majority of that improvement came after discovering the left tongue. However I am not really able to make the differentiation of my left and right side still when the demands of my life exceed a very low level of stimulation.  I quickly revert to my normal organization of twisting myself to get things done.

I don't think everyone does what I do. Somehow there are many people who seems to divide the tasks of using themselves much more naturally.  To take self-examination to this level may not be fruitful or healthy. I think it is a more 'truthful' picture of how I use myself. I feel it may have a role in specific areas of physical rehab but at this point I am unable to devise a practical method of implementing it. The (benefit gained/ time spent) ratio is way out of whack.

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