Sunday, March 24, 2013

More on Moshe

More Moshe

I cannot find it on the innnertubes but there are some excellent videos of Moshe working with some very disabled clients.  It is amazing watching  him work as I see the person change but I don't completely understand how.  I have worked with hundreds of people in standard rehab therapy in similar situations and once in a great while I was able to poorly proximate his process. However watching him sitting there sometimes puffing on a cigarette but immensely focused touching, sometimes pushing and pulling and the client literally transforms seemingly painlessly . Having watched many therapists work I have seen nothing remotely close to his ability.  They may have been excellent therapists in their own right who greatly assisted people with severe deficits but it is often very slow and sometimes very painful.

I feel the difference between standard therapy and what  Feldenkrais did was he allowed people to change because they sensed something better instead of forcefully modelling someone into an abstract ideal. However I think there is a place for both. After a new acute injury the basics of getting out of bed, acquiring endurance, using the toilet, dressing, walking or using a wheelchair in a functional enough way needs to be done for people to move on with their life. I do not feel his method is often the most practical to address these concerns.

PS I did not become aware of the left tongue when it did not move I only became aware of it through movement

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