Saturday, March 16, 2013


1) I have a left and right tongue co-joined but with separate motor control from both hemispheres.
2) My normal use is right tongue dominated though I use my left tongue muscular in a subordinated role as needed. I was unable to sense my left tongue as independent even though I could eat. breathe, swallow and talk fairly normally
3) I learned to use my right tongue in a dominate fashion mimicking others primarily my parents but society as well for the use in speech. It also how that they related to me.
4) I normally read the right side of a person's face especially the right eye in a right eye to right eye contact and neglect the left eye and face
5) The way I use my tongue, eyes and face is the foundation for my right handedness.
6) I can use my left tongue in a dominant pattern but with difficulty.
7) The difficulty both seems be in the right tongue adopting a subordinate role and the left learning to initiate the movement
8) Reading and writing left to right facilitates my right tongue/left brain dominance as the future is to the right and right to left writing and reading facilitates my left tongue/right brain use
9) There may be an auditory component and that I remain unaware of it's contribution
10) There is a high probability one or all of the above are wrong 

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