Thursday, March 7, 2013

Left tongue lockdown

As I mentioned in Beluga and ad nauseum at this point I use my left and right sides of my body in different patterns but they both have a role to fill.  I believe it extends to my tongues with the left tongue playing a role but different than the right.  I  am not sure what the left tongue does when I talk normally but it feels like it does much what the rest my left side does. Stabilize/contract? and allow the right side more freedom of movement. I have been trying to talk with the left tongue that I did not feel to exist a couple of years ago. I am not sure I am doing what I think I am doing but if I would have to bet on it I'd take the bet. One of the problems is that with any engagement of someone else I automatically switch back into the familiar right tongue organization.

If it was just a matter of the tongue I think it would be somewhat pointless. However I feel it is more than that and gives me clues on a very deep organizational level on how I use myself in movement. It feels like I organize myself from the inward out or proximal to distal with the most proximal being the tongue hyoid and throat. I feel I have two distinct throats, two hyoids and two tongues a left and a right of each. To say I have one too me is an illusion of my dominant right side.

On the other hand it also feels to be an immense struggle against all my existing habits of movement and communication without any clear direction or sense that I will able to make a difference.

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