Thursday, March 28, 2013

Postulate 10

10) There is a high probability one or all of the above are wrong 

This postulate is almost self evident. I think I am saying something fairly radical. That I learned to use the right side of my face and tongue to speak in response to others by mimic and feedback. I am arguing that the Dual Brain theory of Arthur Wigan is correct.  I read another person's right eye with my right eye to the neglect of my left eye to another's left eye.  I am also arguing that I learned to use my left tongue in a subservient pattern so much so that I never perceived it to exist until recently.  The movement image of my left tongue I feel was underrepresented in my right brain hemisphere. Also, I can use the left tongue in speech which to me would mean my right brain speech centers are being activated somewhat now. I think my learning of being right is an arbitrary directional one that is culturally advantageous but not preordained. It dominates how I use my body with a preference for movement.

On the other hand it is prolly much more likely that I suffer at a minimum from an overactive imagination.

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