Monday, March 25, 2013

Postulate 6 & 7

6) I can use my left tongue in a dominant pattern but with difficulty.
7) The difficulty both seems be in the right tongue adopting a subordinate role and the left learning to initiate the movement

My left tongue is normal in that the innervation is intact. My tongue does not deviate and I can move it around my mouth as needed to the left and right while in the right tongue mode. However if I switch to the left tongue mode the movement feels spastic and small. I have a very hard time getting it to cross midline to the right and any sensory imput such as touching the teeth seems to switch me over to the familiar right tongue mode.

I feel I can use the left tongue to talk. I am unclear if the right tongue is contributing when I do. I can talk in right tongue mode and I do not think the 'left tongue is contributing except in a subordinate pattern. However I do not know if the right tongue ever really does the subordinate thing. As I pay attention the right tongue seems to be contributing more than I want it to when I try to use the left tongue solely.

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