Monday, March 18, 2013

Postulate 2

2) My normal use is right tongue dominated though I use my left tongue muscular in a subordinated role as needed. I was unable to sense my left tongue as independent even though I could eat. breathe, swallow and talk fairly normally


I am right handed and and believe I am right tongued in my normal use. After finding my left tongue the question I asked myself  was "What evidence do I have that my right brain left tongue knows how to use the musculature in the same ways as the left brain right tongue?"

Hyoid Posture

Hyolingual Complexity

Hemispheric Dominance

Hyoid and tongue difference in speaking and eating

Just a brief review of the above links I am struck with how complex the use of tongue and associated structures are. How does the left tongue/right brain know what to do in speech if the speech centers are in the left hemisphere? My sense of my left tongue in speech is that it is subservient to the point it essentially does not exist. However in swallowing and eating there feels to be more of a bipartisan role but  I have less conscious control of both tongues. Which leads into the next postulate.

I am not happy with this post but what the heck.

No one really gets the last word on who we are

Something to think about

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