Friday, May 10, 2013

Being wrong or left as the case may be

Being Wrong

Good book so far but tough to read especially in the context of what I am saying about having a left tongue. 'Modern Jackassing' is the term she has for coming up with a theory that we have no real knowledge of. Once we propose an explanation we will continue to find reasons to support the theory no matter how wrong it is. Especially if we are arguing for it against someone else.

I had a discussion yesterday where I was trying to justify my 'belief'. There are numerous logical reasons why I cannot be right and am reaching way above my level of understanding. In many ways it would be better to just let the whole thing go. The whole 'body awareness" movement is about subjective feel and trying to notice the difference between efficient and inefficient movement. The thing I learned is that often I cannot differentiate between parts of my body. I recruit more than I need to accomplish a task because I did not have an accurate movement picture of what was being used. I now feel musculature of the" left tongue' which I did not before. It would be an accurate description to say I am 'jackassing the rest of my theory to justify that feeling.

to be cont'd

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