Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The right and left way to commuciate

I now feel I learned to talk using the right side of my face, eye, tongue and throat and by habit I don't differentiate my left face,eye, tongue and throat in communicating. I can feel all the structures on the left by touch and sense of pain but do not view them as independent of the dominant right side in terms of movement. Almost by reflex I look for the speaker's right eye and make the connection with my right eye. I suspect I learned this at a very early age by mimicking the input of my parents and the feedback they gave me.

I have been playing with trying to differentiate my left side structures and make the connection with my left eye when I talk to others. In doing this the feeling that the other person is using their right eye and side of their face is getting stronger. If I use my left eye to the other person left eye I get a sense the usual connection is not made. They still hear what I am saying but it feels like they expect to make the connection with the right eye.

I think my speech and communication does not have to be a left cerebral hemisphere right side of  face, tongue etc process but can be a right cerebral hemisphere left side of face, tongue etc process. The way I learned to communicate seems to be a self perceptual illusion created by the dominant /subordinate way I use my right/left sides.

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