Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Imaginary friend

I am playing with trying to talk to an imaginary friend left eye/face/tongue to left eye/face tongue. It feels like this type of engagement of speech prompts changes within me. When I say the words I try and use a mirror image of the words in my mind. (right to left orientation). I cannot always pull it off but sometimes it really feels like I am conversing with someone else. Listening does not feel to be passive but an active process where I emote on my left side of face an empathy to what my imaginary friend is saying.

Sounds pretty  wacky. I mean I know this is weird but not that kind of weird. Using the left eye/face/tongue does not feel different than using the left hand. The problem I feel  I have is over 50 years of habit of not differentiating it from the right eye/face/tongue.

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