Monday, May 6, 2013

I have a left tongue

I have a left tongue it is not my right tongue. My right tongue is what I grew up with and it is what I perceived to be my tongue. It has a left side, it could move normally and functioned without problem. I 'discovered' my left tongue after years of trying to differentiate the use of my left and right sides of my body. It ties in how I perceive others and communicate with them. I relate to others right eye to right eye. I tend not to see the left side of others eye/face unless there is something unusual. I now have a left tongue with a right side along with my right tongue with a left side. I am still unclear if I can use both at the same time. Using the left tongue does not seem different than using the left hand and since I can use both hands at the same time I should be able to use both tongues at the same time. I still can not move the left tongue as well as the right. The movements are spastic and small but it has a powerful effect on how I use my head, neck and spine.

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