Thursday, May 23, 2013

My essential questions

Why did I go through my whole life with the perception that I had one tongue with two sides than two tongues co-joined? I feel it was due to the dominance of the right tongue.

Why would my right tongue become dominant? The best reason I can come  up with is due to speech with the speech center (Broca area) on the left cerebral hemisphere for me. I now feel my left tongue as a separate entity from the right tongue. (Though my normal still is left tongue exclusion)

Why did I always see another person's right eye almost to the exclusion of the left when engaged in conversation? It is my sense that it is tied to the right tongue/side of face communication with the right eye crossing the midline. My learning was due to how my parents interacted with me and to mimic their expectations of me furthered by education and my interaction with others

Can I enhance the use of my left tongue? I  feel my left tongue and it's role along with with structures on my left side of the head and throat as being able to create the movements that make the sound of words but I am not sure the understanding goes along with it. I think it will be tied to attempting to speaking and receiving of communication left tongue/eye/face to left/tongue/eye face. My perception of others is that is not what usually happens so I will continue to have to work mostly with my imagination

Am I representative of everyone? I do not think so. I think I grew up very heavily right side dominant to the neglect of the left side. My guess is many do not have as large a discrepancy as me to start with.

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