Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a Wink

Language gene more active in young girls than boys

Watching a TV ad yesterday and a gal did something very simple but beyond me. She was getting criticized by her daughter and communicated to her by tilting the head and giving a wink with the left eye that she was not perfect. The mom seem to be saying "We both know it so why are you giving me grief"  in a very loving way.  The extent of my winking is limited to "I am in on the scam or secret"  like you see Spanky giving another one of the Little Rascals.

Spanky lifting weights

I was walking once checking out the left eye of people as I passed them in a friendly manner and one gal even though in a deep conversation with a a gal on her right made a connection with the left eye and said hello. I don't think I would have seen me if our positions were reversed. It surprised me so much that I had trouble coming up with a response. I am sure there are men who can do it also but what I find to be significant is how limited my communications skills are.

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