Friday, February 22, 2013

Projecting positvely with my left eye and face

I walk a bike path frequently. I have been playing with trying to projecting positively with the left side of my face and eye as people past us on the left side going in the opposite direction. I can do it easily at a good distance but it is harder for me to maintain as people get closer.

I usually pull in at the last moment often looking down and away. I am trying to pay attention what I do at that last second. It feels like the jaw, throat and tongue on the left withdraw inward. If I try to perceive what  the hyoid it seems to withdraw inward also.


and functions to draw the hyoid bone backwards and elevate the tongue.

As the hyoid moves upward and backward the airway is shut off.  My sense of myself is that I am very 'tight' muscularly in this area especially on the left side. Maybe a protective move to defend myself. The hyoid connects to many structures including surprisingly to the shoulder blades. I remember going to a wedding and watching the father of the bride walking down the aisle with his left shoulder hiked up. Normally he did not carry himself that way. I am wondering if the left side of my throat tongue is more reflexive than my right side leading to more withdrawal as I pass people on my left.

muscular connections of hyoid  picture

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