Monday, February 11, 2013

Shifting the hyoid

This is not Medical advice. I know of no benefit of trying to due this. In fact you are probably more likely to hurt yourself if you try it.

finding the hyoid

hyolingual complexity

hyoid posture

I feel I can move the hyoid left and right slightly. It lies at back of my tongue at the base slightly above the adam's apple. For a small bone it has many muscular attachments on the left and right. When I swallow it elevates to protect the airway

 hyoid elevation

The following muscles are attached to the hyoid:

Hyoid bone

Instead of just trying to turn it I am now trying to shift it left and right.

very interesting

I get a strong connection (when I imagine that I am shifting the left side of the hyoid up and laterally and the right down and medially) along the full length of the lateral spine and ribs. When I do the opposite it feels more like the usual me.

Not sure it means anything but

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