Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bilateral Frisbee

Watching a little boy maybe throw a frisbee naturally about 10 yards. He was possibly 3 years old and I was surprised how well he threw it.  I have always had trouble throwing a backhand with a frisbee. I cheated and threw off my right foot with the frisbee coming from behind my right butt cheek. I have similar problems with a backhand in tennis I never could get it to feel right. Watching the little boy it was hard to see what my problem was but it seemed so natural the way he threw it.  I bought a frisbee to play a little bit in a park.

I grew up playing most sports where my weight was transferred to my left leg where I either hit or threw a baseball, golf ball, hockey puck and football with the right hand dominant and coming from the right side toward the left. With a backhand throw of the frisbee I am coming from my left side and transferring weight to my right side as I pull the disk. Somehow seeing the little boy made it clear that I needed pivot over my right leg and shorten the musculature on the right lower back and up along the right side of the vertical axis of the spine. I think as I went to throw I would still keep the left lower back and along the spine tighter than the right. I was pleasantly surprised with my throws in terms of coordination and feel. The throws still 'suck' (I believe that is the correct term) in terms of distance and accuracy but the coordination felt much better.  I also threw some with the left hand backhanded and was very surprised how well I could coordinate it.(but again the throws still 'sucked') It seems more natural now for me to connect to both sides of my spine as a result of the work with the left tongue. I will have to dig up my tennis racket and see how my backhand feels

To see someone really throw a frisbee

How to really throw a frisbee Brodie Smith

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