Sunday, February 2, 2014

Talking crazy to myself in public

I was in the bank the other day and there is a TV screen with my image on it as I came to the front of the line. Playing with my left tongue I attempted to say a few lines softly so others would not hear while watching myself. It was sort of freaky as it became more clear that is not where my visual sense expected to see movement. If I talk while watching myself in the mirror its does not seem as weird.  The reverse image of my left is on the mirror's right while it was opposite on the bank monitor. Almost like I was looking at another person as I stood on line.

Last night while having a few decaf cappuccino's at a large coffee chain house I was sitting and practicing using my left tongue while I read the newspaper out loud softly to myself. A man directly opposite me got up and moved seats after awhile. I was making weird head movements while shutting the right eye and keeping the right side of my face in a sort of a controlled flaccid position that looks somewhat stroke like while I attempted my leftsided talk. To speak with the left side of my head muscles initiating I believe it requires more than just the lip and superficial tongue musculature.  I think the left anterior throat /eye/face/subtongue structures and muscles are all involved. They do not require the same coordination in my usual right side initiated talk.

The example below is just something I noticed while watching a clip on youtube. From seconds 19 to 24 his right upper lip was making the same as my left upper lip in the bank monitor the other day.

watch his top lip on the right

This video is not intended as investment advice as I am sure anyone in their right mind would not want to imitate somebody who talks to himself in public with right eye shut and crazy facial movements.

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