Friday, February 21, 2014

Mall monkey see mall monkey do

Went mall walking again and trying to see people's left half of face. At times it does not seem like I could ever have missed seeing someone's left side of the face my whole life.  But to really see and relate to the left side does not feel to me to be a passive activity. It almost seems that first I have to see the persona expressed in the left and then to really connect to almost allow a mimicking in my left half of face to theirs. My left side of face did not have much range of expression in the past and it is work to get it to be used differently. It is more a matter of directing my attention than musculature effort. I can use my right eye to focus on others left eye but there feels to be a difference if I put my attention in my left eye and put it in the lead as I see other's left eye. My left eye/face use does not feel the same as my right eye/face use and my belief is that I used the left in a subordinate undeveloped way. Many people seem to be fairly expressive with the left half of their face at least a great deal more than me. However my sense is that I fit somewhere on a continuum with most of our society communicating right side to right side. Communication and perception feels to me to be a large part of the origin of the brain lateralization to the left hemisphere. I suspect I am developing the right hemisphere with the work I am doing with the left tongue/eye face/throat work but nowhere close to equalization..

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