Monday, February 10, 2014

Facial intelligence

creating faces

I am trying to puzzle out (make up some bs to be unkind) why there would be a postural shift with connecting to the left face persona. Playing with the concept the best analogy would be to go back to the example if my left hand was fused to my right wrist. Even though my left hand would have the intrinsic finger musculature there would be thousand of tasks that would no longer be necessary to learn the complex coordination. My left side of my face/eye/lips/throat/tongue  for whatever reason has only learned partially the task needed to communicate with another person. My right side of my head learned the tasks consciously and the left side is used somewhat to enhance the right side or at least not get in the way to much. When I see and connect to the left eye/face my left eye/face needs more range of response. Now with a great deal of work it has the feel of being softer more easy to connect with a smile or wrinkle around my left eye.

There are plenty of people that I meet that seem to have of a pretty good range of facial expression on the left side of their face. In a way I think they use themselves naturally in a more intelligent way than I do. Just the simple task of opening my mouth seems slightly improved with my left side initiating more than my previous use of my jaw. My right side dominated more than it should. My movement picture only included my right side though I would feel the stress in the left. Now when I included the left jaw in the movement image there is more a feel of tightness but the sense it is more correct in it's use.

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