Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Long term engagement

The truth will seat my head

I think I was a little bit twisted my whole life. Engaging my left eye to see someone else's left eye seems to be changing my habitual head posture. There feels to be a relationship to my left tongue and my left eye that has not been completely fleshed out. When I let my left eye become engaged there is a corresponding use of my left head muscularly in a global sense which includes the left anterior throat/ jaw/tongue and posterior neck. The change is happening very slowly with the tiniest feel being played with and explored. Once explored often there is no change but almost randomly a sensation is captured and then a subtle difference has occurred. My normal throughout the day is to still do what I have done my whole life. It takes attention to slip into my left eye/tongue engaged mode and often it is not possible for me to accomplish during the tasks of daily life.

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