Friday, February 14, 2014

The truth will seat my head

Any article that starts out with the words "The Truth" is automatically suspect but I could not help but find the first quote below interesting.  Literally I believe I only saw the right half of the person's face that I was talking to. It would make sense that I was getting half the information. Link to a more formal article with second quote.  At times since trying to make the connection with the left eye I find myself spontaneously smiling with the left half of my face. The way (still do most of the time) I related to people and saw their persona represented was only on the right half of their head. It takes a deliberate effort on my part to see a persona in the left side of the head of someone else. I feel once I recognize the left half of the other persona it has a postural influence on my head and spine.

"According to German psychiatrists, the eyes are truly a window to a woman's soul. 'They remain one of the richest sources of social information for the attribution of mental states to others,' says Boris Schiffer, a researcher at LWL-University Hospital in Bochum.
But men are only half as good as women at interpreting a woman's emotions by looking into her eyes, according to Dr Schiffer. His research suggests that women show increased activity in areas of the brain that regulate emotion and memory - the limbic regions -when looking into another woman's eyes. Men's brains generally show less activity here."

"The finding of heightened right amygdala responses during recognition of male compared to female stimuli might indicate a highly automated and stimulus-driven effect that occurred regardless of different conditions or instructions. Thus, increased right amygdala responses to male stimuli may indicate a sex-specific association between stimulus type (male vs. female) and automated emotion processing or affective empathy. The positive correlation between right amygdala responses and the ability to infer mental states from male but not female eyes also indicated that affective empathy might enhance mentalizing performance for male stimuli in men. Conversely, this indicated that the processing of opposite-sex stimuli might be associated with lower affective empathy which may also be associated with a reduced mentalizing ability. In support of this assumption, a previous study investigating emotion recognition accuracy in two patients with acquired amygdala lesions showed impaired emotion recognition using an earlier version of the RMET [38]. Results from this study particularly showed impairment in the male patient with right amygdala damage, whereas the female patient with bilateral amygdala lesion did not present any mentalizing impairments. Notably, both patients made comparable numbers of errors on items on the RMET [28]."

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