Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I spent some more time throwing a frisbee.   There has been some improvement in the throws with either hand.  I do not think any D level senior ultimate frisbee team would be interested in me unless they needed a handicap to balance their division. Still it is a nice pastime trying to aim the frisbee and watch it sail off when thrown right (or left as my case may be).  I can throw it easier with the left and coordinate the movement nicer but I am more accurate and stronger with the right.

I think I am correct on how I learned to be right handed. I still see the persona of the person I am looking at on their right side of the head though I am getting better at seeing a persona in the left side. Interesting quote from article I have linked many times.

Handedness, the preference for using one hand over the other, is partially genetic and partially environmental. Identical twins, who share exactly the same genes, don’t always share the same handedness. - See more at:

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