Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Childhoods End

Arthur C Clarke had a book by the above title that I read as a kid.  Reading a lengthy but fun book that reminded me of it with a similar title The Evolution of Childhood: Relationships, Emotion, Mind.  Have not gotten that far into it yet but one of the facts that he has been making is that as our brain develops it gets rid of a great deal of the excess cells and connections that were created. The author briefly so far has touched on brain lateralization which is felt to be started before birth but that it is possible with a brain lesion for the other side to take over the dominant role at a young enough age. I am sort of plowing through the book at this point in time with the plan of taking a second look at it. It's fairly complicated with many unfamiliar terms and my brain has it's gears whirring to remember what many of the semi familiar neuroanatomical words are.

As for my work on myself I am finding more of a sense of my facial and sublingual musculature that I feel is 'left initiated'  There is a smoothness to some of the actions that I have not felt before. Even though it feels like I am pushing through a great resistance I am usually surprised at the strength of the movements which have reflections away from the point I am trying to move. 

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