Monday, December 28, 2015

Harmless blather more or less

Running with my personal meme of the past week or so where I think I am asking the question does my thought process have any value to anyone else. I mostly write in the first person because I do not want to generalize my thoughts and feelings on others.  I don't think I am the only one to perceive others persona normally as right sided and that I am the only one who did not have an independent left tongue/sublingual musculature/throat/head. In fact I imagine I am like most people and that there was certain advantage to lateralize control to one cerebral hemisphere. Where I am less sure is that I am actually doing what I think I am doing now in differentiating these left side functions (right cerebral hemisphere).

I am fairly positive I never really saw the left half of people's faces most of my life. It was there but somehow unseen. In my attempts to see the left side of face and relate to it using my left side of face I am using the myself in a different way than my normal. In attempting to differentiate  the left side musculature in an independent way from the right I am less sure I am achieving my goals. It feels different like I am using the left side as the initiator of the movement but I don't think I can be sure. Also I believe I can use the left side musculature in speech but somehow cannot gain independent left side control of the tongue in movements in my mouth.

So a more or less harmless blog is probably not a bad medium for what I am trying to say. There is so much more scientifically rigorous thinking about the issue if one is interested one can find. For now I will still try and work on trying to achieve a left side independence in perception and movement.

Plus, I write like crap

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