Thursday, December 17, 2015

Eccentric DOMS?

As a kid when I used to get sore from a physical activity it was often fairly immediate and usually rectified within two days or so but as I have aged I often get the delayed onset muscle soreness that seems to show up two to three days later.  It has more the dull aching quality than the sharp sense of overuse. Yesterday I had a full day left side of my face, tongue, throat, sublingual soreness that flirted with the verge of being a headache. I did get out and played golf in a very nice afternoon which kept me fairly distracted from the pain but it was always in the background.

I attribute the pain to the work I did in the class on Sunday with manipulating the tongue.Even though I continue to be not successful in getting of a fully functional image of the left tongue I continued to get more of a independent left initiated muscle groups of the left jaw, throat and sublingual region. Many times I have gotten similar pain in my attempts to use the left side musculature of my head in as the initiator of the muscular patterns involved in communication. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is now being attributed to the inflammatory reactions associated with eccentric contractions or as a muscle lengthens under load. I wouldn't  think there would a great deal of load or for that matter eccentric contractions in the regions I am trying to activate. However, if I am using the left side in a subordinate way to the right usually in attempting to initiate with the left maybe I am resetting the sarcomeres.

A couple of advil (generic brand) did wonders for the pain.

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