Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Not the low brow

Still thinking Geoff's eyebrows. If I was his infant I think my attention would be drawn to his high more active brow rather than the low brow. My attention is still drawn to his right side and I have to directly try and keep my attention on his left in order to see the difference. Otherwise all I see is his right.

His eyebrows remind me of the movement of this girl's hands. (Video has been taken down) Could the movements be explained by a common drive manifested with the delay in only the excitatory pathway through the corpus callosum? I don't really know. My thinking in this endeavor is not scientific or for that matter logical ( I hope it is) but it does arrive from the subjective experience of playing with my own movements and paying attention.  I obviously could be very wrong.

PS Seen twice today where the eyebrow on the left is more engaged. Here's one

President Obama gif

I know the President is left handed but if I don't actually look for his left eyebrow I don't see the left eyebrow raise. My attention is normally drawn to the right eye and head nod.

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